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Top furniture manufacturer reasonable price barasat. Offer customer need dreams furniture manufacturing services Barasat | Please contact us for all the benefits of your dream furniture

  • online L shaped modular kitchen cabinets in barasat
    Model No. MK65BMRP - 97500.00

    offer Price - 78000.00

    Complete L shaped modular kitchen cabinets manufacturer & supplier barasat aria | Upper Cabinets 2 ft 6 inch by 9 ft, Lower cabinets with all modular kitchen accessories 2 ft 6 inch by 13 ft, Back wall upper cabinets 4 ft by 2 ft 6 inch Total L Shaped modular kitchen cabinets 22.5 + 32.5 + 10 = 65sqft
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  • top wardrobe furniture manufacturer in kolkata
    MRP - 144000.00MODEL NO. BW90

    offer Price - 108000.00

    9ft by 10ft bedroom wall wardrobe & dresser unit furniture @108000.00, We offer top wardrobe designing drawing manufacturing & creative services barasat as per customer requirements | Including all materials & labours complete wardrobe services provider.
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  • Top Furniture Manufacturer Services Solutions Barasat

    Kolkata Furniture Create the perfect Furniture manufacturer barasat as per your requirement. Premium quality, modern design & lang lasting furniture services false ceiling lighting services barasat.

  • bedroom furniture manufacturer in barasat
    MRP -159000.00 MODEL NO. BRF159

    offer Price - 106000.00

    Customer Requirements Complete Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer Barasat, Kolkata Furniture offer 10ft by 15ft bedroom creative furniture service including Bed & side tables Wardrobe Dressing table LCD unit & Stady table.... Complete services our client taste.
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  • false ceiling manufacturer services barasat
    MRP - 55000.00Model no - WCL110

    offer Price - 25000.00

    We offer 10ft by 10ft kid room false ceiling lighting @25000.00 | Offering our customer requirements kid room false ceiling lighting complete kid room false ceiling manufacturing services in barasat.
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  • dining table furniture manufacturer barasat
    MRP - 69000.00MODEL NO. 8SDT90

    offer Price - 60000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 8 setter dining table set @60000.00 | We offer our customer taste 8 setter dining set for square shaped dining table, 4 chairs, 2 no 2setter branch complete manufacturing services barasat for customer taste colours design.....
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  • top dressing table furniture manufacturer barasat
    MRP - 25000.00MODEL NO.DT45

    offer Price - 18000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 5ft table cum dresser unit @18000.00 | Kolkata Furniture offer our customer taste colours & design table cum dresser unit manufacturer services in barasat.
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  • sofa furniture in barasat
    MRP - 56000 MODEL NO. 7SS56

    offer Price - 42000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 8 setter sofa set with centre table @42000.00 | Customer taste sofa set colours designed top manufacturer barasat....
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    Best Price Top Furniture Manufacturier Beds, Wardrobes, Modular Kitchen Cabinets, Lcd Unit, Sofa Set, Dining Set, False Ceiling Lighting "Al Hossain Mallik" in barasat aria

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  • top parallel modular kitchen cabinets manufacturer barasat
    Model No. MK77MRP - 115500.00

    offer Price - 92400.00

    10 ft by 8 ft parallel modular kitchen cabinets designing & manufacturing services barasat, Kolkata Furniture offering 77sqft kitchen cabinets best price customer taste modular kitchen cabinets creation, solutions, designing, manufacturer barasat.
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  • table furniture barasat
    MRP - 35000.00MODEL NO. ODTS45

    offer Price - 25000.00

    6ft by 6ft director table & side table @25000.00 | We Provide top director table furniture set manufacturier customer taste colours designed all complite services barasat aria.
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  • top bedroom furniture manufacturer in barasat
    MRP - 120750.00MODEL NO. BBS65

    offer Price - 105000.00

    Bedroom Furniture set @105000.00 | We offer our customer requirements top bedroom furniture set manufacturer including 3 setter sofa set, 6ft by 7ft wardrobe, king size bed & side tables complete services in barasat.
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  • lcd furniture in barasat
    MRP -36000.00 MODEL NO.LU36

    offer Price - 26000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 8ft LCD Unit furniture manufacturing services @26000.00 | We offer our customer taste top 8ft lcd unit furniture services as per customer requirements laminates colours & lcd unit designed in barasat.
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  • bed furniture in barasat
    MRP - 78000MODEL NO.BBS78

    offer Price - 37000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 8ft by 7ft bed & side tables furniture @37000.00 | Wooden colours head board & white colours bed & side tables laminates finished.
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  • bedroom furniture design in barasat
    MRP -135000.00MODEL NO.BBS135

    offer Price - 99000.00

    Modern wall decorations & bedroom furniture set @99000 | We offer 5ft by 7ft bed & side tables, 6ft by 7ft sliding wardrobe top manufacturing services barasat customer chose design.
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  • wooden bedroom furniture in barasat
    MRP - 82000.00Model No. BFS82

    offer Price - 70000.00

    Wooden finish bedroom furniture set @70000.00 | Kolkata Furniture offer wooden finished bedroom furniture set as per our customer bedroom layout designed, customer taste designing drawing top manufacturing services barasat.
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  • master bedroom furniture in barasat
    MRP - 55000.00MODEL NO. BBS65

    offer Price - 30000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 5ft by 7ft storages bed & side tables @30000.00 | Offer customer taste laminates designing & complete bed set manufacturer services barasat...
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  • Top straight modular kitchen cabinets manufacturer barasat
    Model No. MK33MRP - 49500.00

    offer Price - 39600.00

    One stop straight modular kitchen cabinets manufacturer & supplier barasat | Kolkata Furniture offer 9ft wall 33sqft straight modular kitchen cabinets manufacturing services customer taste cabinets colours, customer kitchen layout cabinets designing.
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  • dining table furniture in barasat
    MRP - 130000.00MODEL NO. DS130

    offer Price - 78000.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer six sitter dining table @78000.00, Italian marble top & lathers finish comfortable chairs | Best price modern design dining room furniture manufacturing services barasat with comfortable and stylish.
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  • U shaped modular kitchen cabinets best price kolkata
    Model No. MK142MRP - 231000.00

    offer Price - 170400.00

    Kolkata Furniture offer 12ft by 10ft U shaped modern modular kitchen cabinets manufacturer & suppliers barasat aria | We offer 142sqft U shaped modular kitchen cabinets as per customer taste designing drawing colors commotions...
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Furniture Materials

* Boiling Water Proof 19mm Plywood.
* Cabinets Inside white 0.8mm laminates.
* Outer Design laminates as per requirements.
* All Edge Pvc edge banding or laminates & curved, round Finish as per requirements.
* All Hardwere are used stainless steel & soft close Hettich/Godrej/Ebco as per requirements.
* All Kitchen accessories Evershine 304 grade..

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