Comfortable Sofa Manufacturers Kolkata Howrah West Bengal

We offer complete sofa set customization of Fabric or Leather Finish from, No Just one or tow Design any Size and any Design, We
customize sofa furniture exactly pieces as per your requirement colour combination design.
  • sofa furniture in kolkata
    MRP - 95000.00MODEL NO. 6SS.95

    offer Price - 52000.00

    Modern Comfortable Sofa Sets manufacturers Kolkata Reasonable Price | Best Living Room Sofa Design Ideas......

  • sofa sets in kolkata
    Price - 65000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 56000.00

    Kolkata Furniture Create Modern Stylish Sofa Sets at A Low Price Kolkata With Comfortable Setting Long Lasting....
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  • best sofa sets in kolkata
    Price - 90000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 48000.00

    Modern designs comfort sofa set for Living Room and commercial space used at Kolkata Furniture Best Price....
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  • Best Sofa Manufacturers Shop

    Modern Sofa Furniture Shop Kolkata Garfa | Long Lasting Comfortable Sofa manufacturers Living Room Sofa Sets, Sofa Cum Beds.......

  • Sofa Sets Showroom Work Shop Garfa Kolkata West Bengal

    Modern Sofa Design Ideas and Manufacturers Reasonable Price Kolkata Howrah West Bengal......

  • living room sofa sets in kolkata
    Price - 60000MODEL NO. 4SS60

    offer Price - 40000.00

    Explore the most comprehensive and exclusive assortment of sofas, designed by celebrated artists from all over the world; where the use of each thread, fiber, and grain speaks a language of luxury.
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  • best sofa design in kolkata
    MRP - 84000.00MODEL NO. 7SS.84

    offer Price - 56000.00

    We Manufacturers Best Quality Comfortable Sofa Sets at A Resonable Price Kolkata Garfa | Kolkata Furniture
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  • sofa manufacturers in kolkata
    Price - 60000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 40000.00

    The inspiration this time round was the wooden ceilings..Household goods like sofa-sets and other wooden furniture were frequently seen floating in the flood waters
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  • L Shaped sofa sets in kolkata
    Price - 65000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 55000.00

    Kolkata Furniture Offer Modern Stylish Sofa Sets at A Low Price Kolkata With Comfortable Setting Long Lasting....
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    Price - 60000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 40000.00

    Buy Sofas Sets online at low prices in Kolkata, West Bengal.Shop from a wide range of L Shaped Sofas, Corner Sofas or Sectional Sofas of various, Fabric sofa sets, Leather Sofa....
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    Price - 83000.00valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 70000.00

    Best Sofa Set for Living Room Modern Design 8 seaters sofa and center table with glass top | Modern sofa Manufacturer order to made Kolkata Furniture garfa ...

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    Price - 48000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 38000.00

    Sofa sets manufacturer suppliers and wholesalers kolkata west Bengal, We manufacturing comfortable Sofas For Different styles black, brown, and white colors...
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  • best sofa sets manufacturers kolkata
    Price - 80000valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 60000.00

    Living Room Sofa Sets Design Ideas and Manufacturers Kolkata Howrah West Bengal | Kolkata Furniture Garfa
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    MRP - 105000.00MODEL NO. 8SS105

    offer Price - 71000.00

    Relax in comfort and style with our selection of sofas at Kolkata Furniture. From sofa cum beds to L Shaped sofas.....U Shaped sofas, choose the right one for you. Shop & order today.....
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    Price - 70000valide-15.08.2017

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    We Create perfect fabric sofa Sets for Living Room in garfa Kolkata Wets Bengal | Modern Sofa Manufacturer at a affordable Prices....
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    Price - 40000.00valide-15.08.2017

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    Looking for stylish and affordable price sofa sets for Living room | Kolkata Furniture Offer Best Price Sofa Set Manufacturer Kolkata West Bengal....
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    Price - 58000.00valide-15.08.2017

    offer Price - 45000.00

    Choose Living Room Modern Comfortable Sofa Set Two Setter 1nos, single Setter 2nos with Wooden Glass Top center table affordable Price.....
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  • We Ceated Modern compotable Sofa Furniture at low Price

    "Our Sofa Designers ceate sofa as per site magerment modern stylish.."

  • Modern Sofa Manufacturers

    Kolkata Furniture Create perfect Comfortable Sofa Furniture Sets In Kolkata West Bengal, Best Sofa Design Ideas...
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  • Comfortable Modern Sofa Design Ideas

    All types of Modern Sofa Furniture work for Living Room, Office, Hotel, Resturent, Bar, Showroom residential and commercial ...
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Sofa Manufacturer

One of the best sofa set manufacturer supplier wholesaler kolkata west bengal. Kolkata Furniture offer customer requrements top quality best price living room, commersial space sofa set creator, Customer taste sofa design, drawing, fabric/leather & other materials

Terms of Use

Original Sofa Materials

* Mahogany / kippur wood Stretched.
* 40 high density godrej from.
* Site measurements design drawings.
* Customer taste sofa fabric / lathers.
* Modern Stainless steel / wooden sofa legs.
* Expert sofa exporters management facility

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