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Kolkata Furniture best luxury bathroom customized furniture manufacturer interior designer kolkata, Customer requirements & budget basin cabinet, shower partition, tiles, false ceiling, wall painting

  • bathroom furniture kolkata
    MRP - 15500.00

    offer Price - 11000.00

    Signal drawer 2ft by 1ft 6inch washbasin cabinet with painted glass top, We offer our client requirements top washbasin cabinets manufacturer services provider.
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  • bathroom furniture set new concept trust guidelines kolkata

    Discover our great bathroom furniture sets in kolkata | Kolkata Furniture offer best price luxury bathroom furniture set manufacturer services provider kolkata aria. We offer customer requirements bathroom cabinets, shower glass partitions, false ceiling lighting, wall paints complete designs.
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  • bathroom furniture
    MRP - 65000.00

    offer Price - 42000.00

    Bathroom furniture best price top designs ideas in Kolkata Furniture, 7ft by 2ft washbasin cabinet 5 drawers & 5 doors, Tow mirrors with frame complete bathroom furniture @42000.00 best quality top wood & ply materials & stainless steel hettich hardware used.
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  • Washbasin cabinet price
    MRP - 16000.00

    offer Price - 10000.00

    Washbasin cabinet price 10000.00 | We offer 4ft by 1ft 6inch washbasin cabinet made of 19mm waterproof plywood & customer taste laminates designs services.
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  • washbasin cabinet price
    MRP - 35000.00

    offer Price - 24000.00

    Online washbasin cabinet designs price manufacturer services kolkata | We offer our customer requirements top washbasin cabinet designing manufacturer services provider, L shaped 10sqft washbasin cabinets price @24000.00.
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  • Glass bricks shower partition price
    MRP - 30000.00

    offer Price - 18000.00

    Glass bricks shower partition price 18000.00, Size 3ft by 6ft Signal wall bathroom shower glass bricks partition best services provider Kolkata.
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  • Find Out top designs modern

    Bathroom Furniture

    Kolkata Furniture offer best prices in every products for cabinet with mirror, washbasin cabinet, shower glass partition, false ceiling lights manufacturer free free install.

    by Al Hossain Mallik
  • bathroom cabinets with toilet
    MRP - 36000.00

    offer Price - 24000.00

    Bathroom cabinets with toilet price 24000.00, Size 4ft by 2ft 6inch one drawer, two door & one 3 selves pull out, Kolkata Furniture offer our customers top quality bathroom cabinet Kolkata.
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  • bathroom furniture suppliers in kolkata
    MRP - 37000.00

    offer Price - 24600.00

    Bathroom shower glass partition online, We offer 6ft by 6ft 12mm glass shower partition manufacturer free installations best services provider kolkata aria including all materials & labours complete services.
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  • A Complete Bathroom Interior With Furniture Minimum Cost Kolkata

    Bathroom furniture & interior cost mainly depends on bathroom designs, bathroom size, customer requirements. Professionally a complete bathroom interior with the furniture as wall floor tiles, basin cabinet with mirror, shower glass partition, false ceiling lights, paints, door laminates approx cost 1.20 to 1.5 lakhs.
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  • bathroom furniture in west bengal
    MRP - 24000.00

    offer Price - 16000.00

    Bathroom Furniture In West Bengal Modern Best Price Bathroom Basin Storage With Mirror Manufacturer Suppliers Kolkata West Bengal....
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  • bathroom mirror cabinet india
    MRP - 10000.00

    offer Price - 6000.00

    Online shopping 2ft by 2ft by 6inch bathroom cabinet with mirror price 6000.00 | Kolkata Furniture offer our customer free delivery & free installations kolkata.
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  • bathroom shower partition
    MRP - 15000.00

    offer Price - 10000.00

    Signal glass bathroom shower partition price 10000.00 | Complete 6ft by 3ft 12mm thick showers glass partition services.
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  • washbasin cabinet price
    MRP - 24000.00

    offer Price - 16000.00

    Washbasin cabinet price 16000.00, size 4ft by 1ft two drawers & two door complete services free delivery & installations kolkata only | Top quality materials & hardware used.
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  • bathroom cabinet with mirror
    MRP - 14000.00

    offer Price - 8000.00

    Bathroom cabinet with mirror price, 4ft by 2ft by 8inch made of high quality materials boiling waterproof ply wood & laminates finished glass selves hettich hardware.... if you purchase bathroom cabinets mirrors get latest designs & quick manufacturing delivery options kolkata furniture.
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  • bathroom cabinet with mirror price
    MRP - 55000.00

    offer Price - 35000.00

    Full wall 8ft by 7ft bathroom cabinet with mirror design ideas. Best luxury bathroom customized furniture manufacturer interior service provider in kolkata | Kolkata Furniture Manufactures Customer Mind Bathroom Cabinet Width Mirror Designs.....
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  • Best Online Price Modern Designs

    Batroom False Ceiling

    Lighting services provider Kolkata Howrah West Bengal Aria, We manufacturer supplier of top bathroom false ceiling lighting services....
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  • Good online shopping best offer price

    Bathroom Cabinets

    Manufacturer Supplier, Kolkata Furniture provide our customer taste online top services kolkata....
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Our Services

Kolkata Furniture one of best luxury customized bathroom furniture manufacturer interior designers services provider kolkata area. Customer taste basin cabinets, shower partitions, false ceiling lighting, paints, bathroom complite interior decoration renovations minimum order 2 lac. We offer our customers live bathroom furniture interior designing ideas and qutations.

Furniture Materials

* Boiling Water Proof 19mm Plywood.
* Cabinets Inside white 0.8mm laminates.
* Outer Design laminates as per requirements.
* All Edge Pvc edge banding or laminates & curved, round Finish as per requirements.
* All Hardwere are used stainless steel & soft close Hettich/Godrej/Ebco as per requirements.
* Expert Bathroom Furniture Carpenters Assembly and Installation.

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